It’s been a month since the last update, which is definitely too long. Here we go!

projects I worked since last update

cargo fmt-diff

After weeks of being “almost there”, I finally tidied up my initial work into a pull request! The pull request and commit messages are good if you want to see details of what I did. The tl;dr is that there is a --experimental-file-lines flag that allows you to specify FILE:RANGE,RANGE,... to limit formatting to specific lines. It only formats statements for now though!

I had to do a bit of redesigning of my initial approach. I had been assuming each run of the formatting function would affect only specific files. However, by default it formats reachable files in the same crate. This made me change the field on the configuration object from a set of lines for a single file to a map from file names to line sets.

There’s still some more refactoring work to put the line checks in the right place, as well as making it handle more than just statements. I wanted to get feedback on it before going further, since it’s already a +704 −131 change. I was hoping it’d fall in at closer to +400 net. Some of the surplus comes from including a few refactorings that could have been split out, but that I think make most sense in context of this PR.

silly key-value store

I did some experiments which resulted in the OOM killer going on a rampage on my laptop. This was fun!

This is the project I’m expecting to work on most this week. There will probably be a blog post or two as a result, and hopefully an exciting update next time!

projects I didn’t work on

  • tufcrates
  • containy-thing