I said last time that I should keep a log; I didn’t. This is from memory + what I could convince git and GitHub to tell me. Writing this also makes me realize that now we’re two months into 100:10:1, I should promote some more projects to round out my list of 10. I’ll try and make some progress there this week!

projects I worked on this week


I made some really minor changes to containy-thing, which I haven’t pushed up to GitHub yet. I switched to using the released version of nix to pick up a couple of changes I’d made to enable mount(2), and make safe wrappers for getuid(2) and getgid(2).

This is kind of cool because it’s popping some yaks off the yak stack: I initially got involved with nix to make those changes. Somehow I wound up making lots more contributions, and becoming a maintainer. It’s a fun circle, because I’m coming back to containy-thing in order to get the CI for nix to run faster.

silly key-value store

I did some initial work on this still-mysterious project. I’m pretty excited for finally starting on it! Watch this space. :-)

projects I didn’t work on

  • cargo fmt-diff
  • tufcrates