I spent some time getting TravisCI to build binary releases for {Linux, OS X} × {i686, x86_64}. That makes it possible to use rust-bisect without having a nightly build available to build with. This was mostly to get around the annoyance of using a git dependency for multirust-rs, which pulled hundreds of megabytes of useless binaries, and made the first build take a long time.

I later realized I could put the commit of multirust-rs I wanted in my repository with git subtree, which I did. This at least makes it easier to build. I just realized that it even makes it possible for me to make a release on, which I haven’t done yet.

cargo fmt-diff

Not too much activity here. I think the main maintainer is on vacation, so my first steps are still out for review. I made some changes to how the conditionally included flag is conditionally included. I was using a compile-time flag before, but I’ve changed to to always be compiled in, but only available if an environment variable is set.

This idea came out of a discussion of what the ‘integration’ in ‘continuous integration’ means: changes are always integrated. I decided that having the changes always compiled in was safer for when the feature is eventually available by default.