After a bit more tinkering that expected, I’m finally (almost1) releasing my first Rust crate!

rust-bisect helps track down when a change—usually a bug!—was introduced into Rust. Rather than git bisect directly on the Rust repository, it uses nightly builds to speed up the process. This is faster in at least a couple of ways:

  • at over 100 pull requests merged per week, there are far more commits to bisect than there are nightly builds
  • to run an individual test, all rust-bisect needs to do is download the nightly: no slow Rust build at each step!

This was a really fun project to work on! I made a few changes to related crates, and even had to solve a stereotypical algorithms interview problem. And of course, there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing it bisect and actually find the right nightly…

Try it out!

If you want to give it a shot, check out the repository—especially the example! I’d really love to hear if this is useful to you. And please open issues if you come across any bugs!

  1. It’s not on yet because it’s using some unreleased changes to multirust-rssoon though!