I’m still being slow on picking the 10, but I’ve added a new one to the list. It now stands at two items!

A very silly key-value store

I’m really excited about the new idea. It’s a very silly key-value store. The exact nature of the silliness will wait until I’m further along. I’ll make it speak either the memcached or redis protocol—or both! This makes it fit under one or both of these items from the original 100:

  • memcached speaking thing
  • redis speaking thing

I’ll be doing this in Rust—naturally. As a bit of preparation, I’ve already added sendfile(2) and splice(2), tee(2), and vmsplice(2) to the libc crate, and am working on adding them to nix.

Once that’s done, I should be able to start on the silly part! :-)

rustfmt diff formatting

I finally got a pull request tidying up some config stuff merged. This was neither my first attempt nor my second attempt, but it got there eventually!

I’ve exhausted what I’ve decided was some refactoring as a way to understand code, but have not made a start on the actual task quite yet. I’m working on a couple of other Rust developer infrastructure kinds of projects in the meantime, but should get on with this one. I really want to be able to run cargo fmt-diff or whatever the command ends up being.