I’m almost as excited about getting to ring all summer in NYC as I am about being at the Recurse Center. This evening I went to Trinity Wall Street, met some old friends, and rang some bells. I think the last time I got to ring tower bells was in Toronto last June, which is a little bit longer than usual.

There was a relatively low turnout—I think we were just twelve in all, including a visitor from England. The band was really accommodating of me. I started off tenoring behind to some plain courses of Grandsire triples. There was lots of overpulling as usual, but ropesight was intact: I was able to see the dodging at the back. Later in the evening, I tenored behind a touch, and I could also see the double dodging when a single was called, which was fun to notice.

After the Grandsire, I rang inside for a plain course of Plain Bob Minor. I told the ringers I’d rung a quarter peal of minor inside, but that I think I was mistaken. The imagined quarter didn’t show up in a search on Campanophile. I vaguely remember that it was in fact a failed attempt in Toronto. In any case, the plain course went pretty smoothly

And close to the end of the practice, I got to ring a touch! The touch had my bell skip all the dodging, but I got to make a single which was new for me in tower. I actually found this slightly easier than the plain course: thanks to handbells I don’t have too much trouble figuring out what to do at a call, and there’s something about down-dodges that I’m not happy about in tower.

All in all, a really excellent first time ringing. Starting off this well, I’m really excited about making some proper progress this summer!